El Campo es Vida

The Project

While in Patagonia in the summer of 2012, Bridget and Dani met Javier Vera, a 20-year-old, third generation gaucho living in the Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia, where conservation-based tourism is now being implemented as a model to conserve the region’s wild lands.

While maintaining a traditional gaucho lifestyle, Javier works as a tour guide and also helps regenerate land that has deteriorated significantly due to agricultural use by previous generations of gauchos. Javier is not tempted by the lure of a faster paced lifestyle and instead believes strongly in the joy and beauty of rural life. El Campo es Vida (The Country is Life) is a portrait of a young man living a dichotomous life in one of the world’s last remaining truly wild places.

El Campo es Vida was selected as a finalist for the 2013  Banff Mountain Film Festival, the 2014  Wild & Scenic Film Festival  and the 2014  Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival  in February.


Client: El Campo es Vida

Contributors: Executive Producer, Director and Camera: Bridget Besaw, Producer, Camera & Editing: Tahria Sheather

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