Growing Local: Seen Far and Wide

It’s hard to believe how well received this film has been in Maine and beyond. We have steady requests from people all over the country like this one:

“What are the procedures to arrange a film screening of Growing Local in Memphis, TN? We are facing some tough pressure from local leaders and want to show how Maine and the Maine Farmland Trust has worked to build up young famers and create a thriving local food economy.”

We’ll send him the film, as we have with so many locations of all types throughout the US. In Maine, the Maine Farmland Trust has screened it in roughly 40 venues from large movie theaters to coop markets to libraries and farm-to-table restaurants. The word from MFT is that these shows are consistently packed with standing room only— full of Mainers eager to hear what they can do to help support local farming. After each showing we require a panel discussion with local farmers or leaders to discuss how the issues in the film can be best tackled in each community.

GL rollout blog pics_01GL rollout blog pics_02And we’ve got film festival laurels! Since the film took its first breath at the Camden International Film Festival on 28th September 2014, we’ve been selected for these festivals with several “best of” and award categories:
Finalist, Eric Moe Sustainability Award, 2015 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital
Best Documentary Short, 2015 California International Shorts Festival
Best Environmental Short, 2015 Mountain Film Festival
Best Short, 2015 Earth Port Film Festival, NY
Official selection, 2015 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
Official selection, 2015 Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival
Official selection, 2015 Independent Film Festival, Boston
Official selection, 2015 San Francisco Green Film Festival
Official selection, 2015 Food & Farm Film Festival, San Francisco
Official selection, 2015 Rainier Film Festival, Washington
Official selection, 2015 Greentopia Film Festival, NY
Official selection, 2015 May Day Film Festival, Indiana
Official selection, 2014 Camden International Film Festival

Keep an eye out for a screening near you at the MFT website, the Growing Local website, or give us a shout at to find out how to screen it in your neck of the woods! And yes, we’ll be distributing it online soon…

GL rollout blog pics_03GL rollout blog pics_04
GL rollout blog pics_05GL rollout blog pics_06GL rollout blog pics_07

Posted on April 6, 2015 in Blog, Maine, Motion, Seedlight Pictures

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