Filming the Nature of Maps in Patagonia Park

midd blog pics_02Whilst shooting in Patagonia for Middlebury College, we spent extra time in Patagonia Park to build out the story of Midd alumnus Marty Schnure and Ross Donihue, National Geographic Young Explorers and the cartographers behind Maps for Good, a start up that creates maps and media to help organizations illustrate their conservation work. Being a total map geek myself, I was really excited to spend time with them and get some insight into exactly how the process of map creation works. Turns out, it’s pretty straightforward. As Marty says – we walk, we observe, we record. And so we walked – tromped, in fact – all over Patagonia Park for a week, taking full advantage of the epic scenery to make some gorgeous imagery.

midd blog pics_03midd blog pics_04We also spent time with Kris Tompkins, who founded the park ten years ago and during that time has nurtured the land back to health. A conservation icon herself, Kris’ sage voice runs as a powerful thread through the film, juxtaposed with the sprightly, aspirational voices of Marty and Ross, who are defining a new era exploration rooted in pursuit of greater understanding and betterment of our world. The park sets an apt scene to explore issues like the importance of wild lands, what role maps serve in conservation and how to ignite a fire in the younger generation infuse some greater purpose and meaning to their adventures in nature. The film is currently in post-production and we’re excited to develop the concept further over the coming months.

Big shout out to Ross Donihue for some of the production stills!

— Tahria
midd blog pics_05midd blog pics_06midd blog pics_07

Posted on March 20, 2015 in Blog, Motion, Patagonia, Seedlight Pictures

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