El Campo es Vida (The Country is Life) goes to Banff

We are excited to be invited to present our film at this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival. Javier Vera is a unique young man living in Chilean Patagonia as an eco-tourism guide and gaucho. After a few weeks of work on the Patagonia Sur Valle California preserve in 2012, Dani and I realized Javier’s personal story might make an interesting piece.

Looking back at our winter of shooting in Patagonia on the new Mark III’s, learning as we went along, we were a very green film company for sure! In between creating video and stills for the Patagonia Sur documentary project, we decided to follow Javier whenever time allowed.

Javier was raised in the traditional gaucho lifestyle and is now transitioning his own work and life’s goals to a hybrid version of what his father, Johnny, once knew. Javier illustrates the generational shift from an unsustainable resource extraction ethic to a new conservation economy that might just be the answer to helping he and his family carry on their traditional way of life while also preserving the “campo” (countryside) they love.

Keep an eye out for the film on our site in the Patagonia section as soon as it opens at the festival.

Posted on October 7, 2013 in Blog, Motion, Patagonia, Seedlight Pictures

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