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Solomon Islands: Avoided Deforestation and Sea Turtles

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in the South Pacific.

I traveled to the Solomon Islands last July for The Nature Conservancy to document their work in two areas there. The first was an incredible story about a woman and the woman’s collective or as they called it the “mothers union” she had formed, which had successfully stopped a large-scale logging operation from destroying a nearby forest. The Solomons is a matriarchal society and so, by rights, the forest belonged to the women and their children. They came together, and, with a bit of help from The Conservancy, they defeated the efforts of the timber company.

Solar Ovens in Haiti & Water Conservation in Georgia: On Assignment for The Nature Conservancy

Bridget Besaw: On assignment in Haiti and Georgia.

I spent last July on the road for Nature Conservancy creating photography and collecting video at four of their key programs to be featured in the annual report. In the village of Tilori, in Haiti, I photographed and filmed a pilot project that has donated solar ovens and efficient stoves to 25 families. The Conservancy is working to prevent deforestation by providing education and support for more sustainable alternatives to cooking with wood.

While shooting a story revolving around cooking in 100+ degrees in Haiti was at times a challenge, I was truly inspired by the power and impact of this program. These solar ovens have great potential to create positive change for these communities and for the forests surrounding them. I found myself wishing I could afford to buy hundreds of the ovens for the whole village.

Nature Conservancy Magazine Maine North Woods Project: Editor’s Perspective

Tahria Sheather: From the editing suite

Seedlight is now a partner producer in five video vignettes for the winter issue of Nature Conservancy Magazine. This was a new type of project for us where the video series is integrated with a digital feature article. The story, which Bridget created the imagery for the print edition and collected the video content for the digital edition, reports on the acquisition of a huge portion – over 300,000 acres – of woodland in Maine’s North Woods. In progressing the magazine into the digital realm, the Conservancy has designed the article so that the viewer ‘flicks’ through pages on their iPad and then clicks on icons on a map to initiate the videos. This was a really enjoyable project for us to work on because it required us to think outside the box – in particular in creating a vertical teaser that acts as a launch video ‘inviting’ the viewer to watch the rest of the content. It was certainly a collaboration in the truest sense of the word in terms of working together with the Conservancy to create a final product new to both of us.

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