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Looking Back on the 2012 Conservation Photography Workshops

I taught two workshops in 2012…both of which introduced me to some incredible people that I’m so thankful to have met. Last March, Seedlight and Patagonia Sur co-hosted the Preserving Patagonia workshop in partnership with Leica Camera. We split our time between Valle California and Melimoyu, in the Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia. Travel writer Ellen Barone recently interviewed me on this workshop on her blog – check it out here. Have a look at this video for a glimpse of our incredible week together and for a sneak peak of the upcoming Leica Akadamie Preserving Coastal Patagonia workshop in December.

Leica announces 2013 Preserving Patagonia workshop!

Bridget Besaw: Workshop updates from Maine.

Following a successful trip earlier this year, Leica has announced the 2013 Preserving Patagonia workshop, which I will be heading up as part of its Leica Akademie North America workshop series. We will be heading back to Valle California the conservation of this spectacular region of Patagonia. Learn more about the workshop and sign up here or read more about the Leica Akademie workshop series here.

Flick through the slideshow before to see some more of amazing adventures students had in the 2012 workshop!

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