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The Nature of Maps to launch in spring 2017

Our short film The Nature of Maps, exploring the role of maps in wilderness conservation, is premiering at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital in Spring of 2017! We had so much fun working in Patagonia with Marty Schnure and Ross Donihue of Maps for Good, as well as Kris Tompkins who spearheaded the creation…

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Around the world with Middlebury changemakers

We’ve had Middlebury as an ongoing commercial client for a number of years, during which time we’ve produced online video content for lots of their different programs, from Bread Loaf School of English to the Language Schools and the new School of the Environment. In 2014, we were be commissioned to create a 15-minute short…

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Filming the Nature of Maps in Patagonia Park

Whilst shooting in Patagonia for Middlebury College, we spent extra time in Patagonia Park to build out the story of Midd alumnus Marty Schnure and Ross Donihue, National Geographic Young Explorers and the cartographers behind Maps for Good, a start up that creates maps and media to help organizations illustrate their conservation work. Being a…

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Seedlight takes on Banff Mountain Film Fest 2013

Powder-dusted peaks, knife edge ridges, arrestingly crisp mountain air – I’m not sure you could imagine a more inspiring setting for a film festival. I was lucky enough to fly the flag for Seedlight at this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival last week in Banff as our film, El Campo es Vida, was selected as a finalist in the Mountain Culture category. We were so proud to bring Javier’s story all the way from a little valley in Patagonia to North American audiences and, judging by a full house of captivated viewers, we touched a heart or two in the process.

El Campo es Vida (The Country is Life) goes to Banff

We are excited to be invited to present our film at this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival. Javier Vera is a unique young man living in Chilean Patagonia as an eco-tourism guide and gaucho. After a few weeks of work on the Patagonia Sur Valle California preserve in 2012, Dani and I realized Javier’s personal story might make an interesting piece.

Céline Cousteau visits our beloved Melimoyu and speaks up for its protection

Last March, Alex and I had the pleasure of returning to the place we’d met in Patagonia, the Patagonia Sur properties that had so captured our hearts just a year prior. We were lucky enough to visit the property while Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of iconic marine explorer Jacques Cousteau, was also spending time at Melimoyu diving and filming underwater with Melimoyu Ecosystem Research Institute director Rafaela Landea in support of MERI’s efforts to raise awareness about the region and the need to protect it.

Looking Back on the 2012 Conservation Photography Workshops

I taught two workshops in 2012…both of which introduced me to some incredible people that I’m so thankful to have met. Last March, Seedlight and Patagonia Sur co-hosted the Preserving Patagonia workshop in partnership with Leica Camera. We split our time between Valle California and Melimoyu, in the Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia. Travel writer Ellen Barone recently interviewed me on this workshop on her blog – check it out here. Have a look at this video for a glimpse of our incredible week together and for a sneak peak of the upcoming Leica Akadamie Preserving Coastal Patagonia workshop in December.

Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Videos Streaming at Last!

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile.

An update on this project is long overdue!

In May I returned to the Valle California property for a bit of winter coverage and to collect video of Alex Amit as he explored the conservation easement property he was considering purchasing from Patagonia Sur. Alex’s need to travel to the property provided a perfect storyline for the video which speaks of the limited development real-estate aspect of the company’s conservation plan. Upon returning from that trip back to my home in Portland, Maine, I made the six-block journey down to Commercial street in Portland to interview the President of GMRI (Gulf of Maine Research Institute) as part of the video about the MERI project at the Melimoyu coastal preserve site also owned by Patagonia Sur.

Leica announces 2013 Preserving Patagonia workshop!

Bridget Besaw: Workshop updates from Maine.

Following a successful trip earlier this year, Leica has announced the 2013 Preserving Patagonia workshop, which I will be heading up as part of its Leica Akademie North America workshop series. We will be heading back to Valle California the conservation of this spectacular region of Patagonia. Learn more about the workshop and sign up here or read more about the Leica Akademie workshop series here.

Flick through the slideshow before to see some more of amazing adventures students had in the 2012 workshop!

The Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Field Notes—Melimoyu: Avatar has nothing on this place

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile.

While Patagonia Sur owns six properties covering nearly 60,000 acres of land in the Aysen region of Patagonia, this phase of my coverage will only allow time to photograph and film the northernmost three properties of Lago Espolon, Valle California and Melimoyu. These are the sites with the most fully realized vision of the Patagonia Sur concept of “ecosystem-scale conservation”.

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