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Guided premieres at Camden International Film Festival

We’re proud to finally see Guided up on the big screen after years of dedicated work on this project. Guided celebrates the wise and gentle spirit of Ray Reitze, a Maine wilderness guide who I have spent many years working with in the north Maine woods. Guided is now screening at film festivals nationwide. Click here…

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Growing Local: Seen Far and Wide

It’s hard to believe how well received this film has been in Maine and beyond. We have steady requests from people all over the country like this one: “What are the procedures to arrange a film screening of Growing Local in Memphis, TN? We are facing some tough pressure from local leaders and want to…

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Growing Local short film series premieres at Camden International Film Festival

GROWING LOCAL PREMIERES September 28, 2014 5PM at the STRAND THEATRE with POST-SHOW PANEL DISCUSSION The locavore movement is old news. Growing Local takes the conversation to the next level. These three poignant vignettes make clear that small farms and access to locally produced food is not a sure thing. In Growing Local, we meet…

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Interview with Bridget featured on the Visual Story Lab blog

An interview with Bridget was recently featured on the Visual Story Lab blog, where she discusses how photographers can develop meaningful, effective relationships with nonprofits to help tell their stories. Read the interview below or check it out on the blog here. From the Vizcom blog at the Visual Story Lab Bridget Besaw has found…

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A wander in the woods: the wild spirit project begins

Last week we headed off into the Northwoods of Maine with our fully expanded Seedlight production crew. Our intention was to document the wise and gentle spirit of wilderness guide Ray Reitze in his element amidst the whispering pines, singing crickets and croaking frogs.

Half the crew departed on Sunday afternoon with canoes and kayaks in tow for the seven hour drive to darn near the Canadian boarder. The other half of us skidded onto Round Pond by float plane with enough film and photo cameras and audio gear to nearly sink the plane. Once reunited we strapped all onto our backs for a short portage and then a long paddle with the wind against us through a string of remote streams that eventually connected us to our final destination: Poland Pond.

Seedlight explores the Northwoods this September

Seedlight is excited to be working on a pet project this fall. In 2010, Bridget produced the book Wildness Within Wildness Without with Maine Woods Forever, which followed explorer Henry David Thoreau’s 1850s trail through northern Maine and highlighted the vital importance of wild lands to our spirit and soul through the words of Thoreau himself.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust Film & Photo Project: Uncovering a tribal past in Machias

On first glance, one unfamiliar with Maine may shrug off its size as quaint at most, a humble chunk of sparsely populated woodland nestled into the uppermost corner of the mainland. Get in a car and start driving along one of its highways and you’ll soon find the landscape morphs into a seemingly endless expanse, where hours of time disappear as you steer through undulating woodland severed only intermittently by river or stream. And so Dani and I drove and drove and drove this week, up to Machias – the last county before Maine makes way to New Brunswick and Canada – to get started on a story on a recent land conservation project with Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

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