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Solar Ovens in Haiti & Water Conservation in Georgia: On Assignment for The Nature Conservancy

Bridget Besaw: On assignment in Haiti and Georgia.

I spent last July on the road for Nature Conservancy creating photography and collecting video at four of their key programs to be featured in the annual report. In the village of Tilori, in Haiti, I photographed and filmed a pilot project that has donated solar ovens and efficient stoves to 25 families. The Conservancy is working to prevent deforestation by providing education and support for more sustainable alternatives to cooking with wood.

While shooting a story revolving around cooking in 100+ degrees in Haiti was at times a challenge, I was truly inspired by the power and impact of this program. These solar ovens have great potential to create positive change for these communities and for the forests surrounding them. I found myself wishing I could afford to buy hundreds of the ovens for the whole village.

Silent Spring: A Photographer’s Tribute

Tahria Sheather: From the editing suite

Recently Bridget was asked to produce a slideshow to accompany readings of Rachel Carson’s landmark work, Silent Spring, for the book’s 50th anniversary celebrations hosted by Cornerstones of Science in Portland last week. For most, the book is a household name and for environmentalists, it is seen as the catalyst that inspired a new way of thinking and acting toward the environment. For a long-time environmentalist, it was an honor for Bridget to have the opportunity to present her work in concert with a legend like Rachel. Cornerstones selected an array of key passages and then handed the creative reins over to us.

Nature Conservancy Magazine Maine North Woods Project: Editor’s Perspective

Tahria Sheather: From the editing suite

Seedlight is now a partner producer in five video vignettes for the winter issue of Nature Conservancy Magazine. This was a new type of project for us where the video series is integrated with a digital feature article. The story, which Bridget created the imagery for the print edition and collected the video content for the digital edition, reports on the acquisition of a huge portion – over 300,000 acres – of woodland in Maine’s North Woods. In progressing the magazine into the digital realm, the Conservancy has designed the article so that the viewer ‘flicks’ through pages on their iPad and then clicks on icons on a map to initiate the videos. This was a really enjoyable project for us to work on because it required us to think outside the box – in particular in creating a vertical teaser that acts as a launch video ‘inviting’ the viewer to watch the rest of the content. It was certainly a collaboration in the truest sense of the word in terms of working together with the Conservancy to create a final product new to both of us.

Leica announces 2013 Preserving Patagonia workshop!

Bridget Besaw: Workshop updates from Maine.

Following a successful trip earlier this year, Leica has announced the 2013 Preserving Patagonia workshop, which I will be heading up as part of its Leica Akademie North America workshop series. We will be heading back to Valle California the conservation of this spectacular region of Patagonia. Learn more about the workshop and sign up here or read more about the Leica Akademie workshop series here.

Flick through the slideshow before to see some more of amazing adventures students had in the 2012 workshop!

The Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Field Notes—Melimoyu: Avatar has nothing on this place

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile.

While Patagonia Sur owns six properties covering nearly 60,000 acres of land in the Aysen region of Patagonia, this phase of my coverage will only allow time to photograph and film the northernmost three properties of Lago Espolon, Valle California and Melimoyu. These are the sites with the most fully realized vision of the Patagonia Sur concept of “ecosystem-scale conservation”.

The Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Field Notes—Reforesting Patagonia

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile.

One aspect of the Patagonia Sur story that compels me is their carbon-offset program. They have a vision of reforesting much of their land as another means to create a diverse, financially sustainable way to invest in the future Patagonia.

As a documentarian, I tend to prefer photographing something that is actually happening as apposed to illustrating an idea. So I’d been struggling with how to visually tell this story of their work in reforestation and carbon sales. I hadn’t come up with a good option since the actual tree planting doesn’t happen for another few months and so at this moment, these tiny trees are just growing, waiting to become a native, tall, proud carbon sequestering forest someday.

The Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Field Notes—Valle California Gauchos

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile.

In the past few months when someone asks me to describe the scope of my current project for Patagonia Sur, I often realize that the very thing that attracted me to the company, and to their story, is the thing that can at times become overwhelming from a documentary standpoint: the diversity of subject matter and the variety of story angles from within this one larger story of “conservation for profit” can be a struggle to lasso!

The Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Field Notes—Valle California School Visit

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile.

Our first trip to Valle California was mainly focused on telling the tourism component of the Patagonia Sur story. We interviewed the Rodriguez family, whose investment and membership in the company creates the opportunity for them to visit the properties each year on vacation. They were a fun, inspiring family to spend time with, and I am hoping to see them again since Lucas and Matias have become quite attached to Pine Island Camp in the Belgrade lakes region, so hopefully I’ll get to see them again this summer back “home” in Maine.

The Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Field Notes—Introduction

Bridget Besaw and Daniel Casado: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile

In the past few years of living off-and-on in Chile, I’ve become more familiar with some of the environmental issues facing this region. I am getting to “know” Chile not only as an ex-pat, but, as is often the case for me, my relationship to this place is now defined by the environmental stories that I tell as a photographer and film-maker. I am also a partner owner of 2 Patagonia (clothing) stores in Chile (Puerto Varas and Pucon) and as such, I partnered with the brand to produce a short film about the Sin Represas campaign, an exhibit at the Adventure Film Festival, and other outdoor/environmental outreach tools and events. All of which have furthered my understanding of this incredible country that is just beginning to really embrace it’s own environmental movement—which makes this an exciting time to be an environmental documentarian here in Chile!

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