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Bridget is featured in a Q&A with Leica Camera

Bridget was recently interviewed by Leica Camera for their blog on her career producing imagery that inspires a conservation ethic in its viewers. Read more about this and her experience creating images with her Leica camera here on their blog.

Seedlight explores the Northwoods this September

Seedlight is excited to be working on a pet project this fall. In 2010, Bridget produced the book Wildness Within Wildness Without with Maine Woods Forever, which followed explorer Henry David Thoreau’s 1850s trail through northern Maine and highlighted the vital importance of wild lands to our spirit and soul through the words of Thoreau himself.

Céline Cousteau visits our beloved Melimoyu and speaks up for its protection

Last March, Alex and I had the pleasure of returning to the place we’d met in Patagonia, the Patagonia Sur properties that had so captured our hearts just a year prior. We were lucky enough to visit the property while Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of iconic marine explorer Jacques Cousteau, was also spending time at Melimoyu diving and filming underwater with Melimoyu Ecosystem Research Institute director Rafaela Landea in support of MERI’s efforts to raise awareness about the region and the need to protect it.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust Film & Photo Project: Uncovering a tribal past in Machias

On first glance, one unfamiliar with Maine may shrug off its size as quaint at most, a humble chunk of sparsely populated woodland nestled into the uppermost corner of the mainland. Get in a car and start driving along one of its highways and you’ll soon find the landscape morphs into a seemingly endless expanse, where hours of time disappear as you steer through undulating woodland severed only intermittently by river or stream. And so Dani and I drove and drove and drove this week, up to Machias – the last county before Maine makes way to New Brunswick and Canada – to get started on a story on a recent land conservation project with Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

Kicking off the summer on the coast with Maine Coast Heritage Trust

MCHT has long been known for its work in conserving much of Maine’s coastline and island archipelagos. Now, they are working not only to conserve this land, but to engage the communities that utilize and enjoy these lands.

The Maine Farmland Trust Documentary Project: The Journey Begins

The leaves are slowly unfurling to reach for the sun, the wintry clouds are opening up to warmer wisps of clear sky and the cool soil has been turned to herald the growing season. As Maine reawakens, Seedlight has migrated north to set up base camp and embark upon a new project with Maine Farmland Trust  this summer and fall. Bridget’s relationship with MFT extends back several years, when she took an offer to shoot an image for a month in their annual calendar and transformed it into a large-scale project to raise awareness on agricultural land preservation that included creating a traveling exhibit and publishing the book, From the Land.

Looking Back on the 2012 Conservation Photography Workshops

I taught two workshops in 2012…both of which introduced me to some incredible people that I’m so thankful to have met. Last March, Seedlight and Patagonia Sur co-hosted the Preserving Patagonia workshop in partnership with Leica Camera. We split our time between Valle California and Melimoyu, in the Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia. Travel writer Ellen Barone recently interviewed me on this workshop on her blog – check it out here. Have a look at this video for a glimpse of our incredible week together and for a sneak peak of the upcoming Leica Akadamie Preserving Coastal Patagonia workshop in December.

Join us at Collaborations for Cause!

A few weeks ago I got an email from Jessica Riehl, who took my workshop at Maine Media two  years ago. Jess’ vision for where she wanted to go in photography combined with a talented eye and instinctive street-smarts ensured she and I would hit it off wildly. She is exactly the kind of person I love to nudge along as they shape a career out of our growing genre of environmental photography. Jess is like a news-board of happenings in our field in a way I wish I could be…so not surprising when when she sent me news of the Blue Earth Alliance’s 2nd annual Collaborations for Cause in Portland, Oregon, in late April.

Solomon Islands: Avoided Deforestation and Sea Turtles

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in the South Pacific.

I traveled to the Solomon Islands last July for The Nature Conservancy to document their work in two areas there. The first was an incredible story about a woman and the woman’s collective or as they called it the “mothers union” she had formed, which had successfully stopped a large-scale logging operation from destroying a nearby forest. The Solomons is a matriarchal society and so, by rights, the forest belonged to the women and their children. They came together, and, with a bit of help from The Conservancy, they defeated the efforts of the timber company.

Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Videos Streaming at Last!

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile.

An update on this project is long overdue!

In May I returned to the Valle California property for a bit of winter coverage and to collect video of Alex Amit as he explored the conservation easement property he was considering purchasing from Patagonia Sur. Alex’s need to travel to the property provided a perfect storyline for the video which speaks of the limited development real-estate aspect of the company’s conservation plan. Upon returning from that trip back to my home in Portland, Maine, I made the six-block journey down to Commercial street in Portland to interview the President of GMRI (Gulf of Maine Research Institute) as part of the video about the MERI project at the Melimoyu coastal preserve site also owned by Patagonia Sur.

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