Around the world with Middlebury changemakers

We’ve had Middlebury as an ongoing commercial client for a number of years, during which time we’ve produced online video content for lots of their different programs, from Bread Loaf School of English to the Language Schools and the new School of the Environment. In 2014, we were be commissioned to create a 15-minute short film exploring the impact the school has had on the lives of its students through the eyes of four standout alumni making change around the world. We went through a lengthy vetting process to whittle down our extensive list of potential characters to a select four that represented a diverse cross section of disciplines, geographies and personalities.

Pier_sailingOur chosen subjects led us from the Midd campus in Vermont, to the UN Global Leadership Awards in New York City, to a budding financial start up firm in Washington DC, a national-park-in-progress in the Aysen region of Patagonian Chile and to the chaotic, dusty streets of Chennai, India. We’re currently in the depths of the editing cave finalizing post-production on the film, which will be screened at Middlebury and then released publicly in the coming months.


Posted on March 21, 2015 in Blog, Education, Motion, Patagonia, Seedlight Pictures

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