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Seedlight explores the Northwoods this September

Seedlight is excited to be working on a pet project this fall. In 2010, Bridget produced the book Wildness Within Wildness Without with Maine Woods Forever, which followed explorer Henry David Thoreau’s 1850s trail through northern Maine and highlighted the vital importance of wild lands to our spirit and soul through the words of Thoreau himself.

Céline Cousteau visits our beloved Melimoyu and speaks up for its protection

Last March, Alex and I had the pleasure of returning to the place we’d met in Patagonia, the Patagonia Sur properties that had so captured our hearts just a year prior. We were lucky enough to visit the property while Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of iconic marine explorer Jacques Cousteau, was also spending time at Melimoyu diving and filming underwater with Melimoyu Ecosystem Research Institute director Rafaela Landea in support of MERI’s efforts to raise awareness about the region and the need to protect it.

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