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Patagonia Sur Documentary Project: Videos Streaming at Last!

Bridget Besaw: Documentary adventures in Patagonia, Chile.

An update on this project is long overdue!

In May I returned to the Valle California property for a bit of winter coverage and to collect video of Alex Amit as he explored the conservation easement property he was considering purchasing from Patagonia Sur. Alex’s need to travel to the property provided a perfect storyline for the video which speaks of the limited development real-estate aspect of the company’s conservation plan. Upon returning from that trip back to my home in Portland, Maine, I made the six-block journey down to Commercial street in Portland to interview the President of GMRI (Gulf of Maine Research Institute) as part of the video about the MERI project at the Melimoyu coastal preserve site also owned by Patagonia Sur.

Solar Ovens in Haiti & Water Conservation in Georgia: On Assignment for The Nature Conservancy

Bridget Besaw: On assignment in Haiti and Georgia.

I spent last July on the road for Nature Conservancy creating photography and collecting video at four of their key programs to be featured in the annual report. In the village of Tilori, in Haiti, I photographed and filmed a pilot project that has donated solar ovens and efficient stoves to 25 families. The Conservancy is working to prevent deforestation by providing education and support for more sustainable alternatives to cooking with wood.

While shooting a story revolving around cooking in 100+ degrees in Haiti was at times a challenge, I was truly inspired by the power and impact of this program. These solar ovens have great potential to create positive change for these communities and for the forests surrounding them. I found myself wishing I could afford to buy hundreds of the ovens for the whole village.

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