Tahria Sheather: From the editing suite

Seedlight is now a partner producer in five video vignettes for the winter issue of Nature Conservancy Magazine. This was a new type of project for us where the video series is integrated with a digital feature article. The story, which Bridget created the imagery for the print edition and collected the video content for the digital edition, reports on the acquisition of a huge portion – over 300,000 acres – of woodland in Maine’s North Woods. In progressing the magazine into the digital realm, the Conservancy has designed the article so that the viewer ‘flicks’ through pages on their iPad and then clicks on icons on a map to initiate the videos. This was a really enjoyable project for us to work on because it required us to think outside the box – in particular in creating a vertical teaser that acts as a launch video ‘inviting’ the viewer to watch the rest of the content. It was certainly a collaboration in the truest sense of the word in terms of working together with the Conservancy to create a final product new to both of us.